About the Match

To meet the growing demand for 3-gun competitions, a competition that lends itself to being a female friendly match BUT not at the exclusion of men we now offer the Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge. The match will be held May 20th – 21st, 2017,  at the Miculek’s home range outside of Shreveport, LA. The match will offer 115 slots for women and 115 slots for men.

All sponsors will be recognized on BWB3Gun website and promoted on the match Facebook page. Vendor area tables are available upon request. Vendor space must be reserved in advance.

May 20 – May 21, 2017 Princeton, LA

Address for Ammo / Other Shipments

Kay Miculek
310 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067
Phone: (318) 834-1208

General Questions:

Contact Information

General Questions: Match Director Deb Ferns 520.331.3400
Sponsorship Inquiries: Annette Aysen, Cell: 985.387.0185
Round count : Minimum Round Count (Calculated w/ 2 shots per paper target)
Wanna RO?
Staffing Inquires: Range Master Kay Miculek 318.834.1208
Registration: Assistant Match Director Jeannette Sharp

Cancellation Policy

• $50 – Cancellation administration fee.

There is a $50 administrative fee for any cancellations.  If cancellation occurs within 30 days of match dates, your entire match fee will be forfeited unless we can fill your slot from our Wait List.  

Loaner Guns

Babes with Bullets has a limited number of loaner guns available. If possible those needing a loaner gun will have a specific gun assigned for their use during the entire match. If the demand is high and more than one person is using one gun, those sharing the gun will be required to squad together. Only factory or commercially re-manufactured ammunition may be shot through the loaner guns…no reloads. To reserve a loaner gun contact Kay Miculek .

S&W M&P9 pistol:

Full size, 4.25″ barrel with HiViz front & rear fiber optic sights, 17 round magazines, 9mm. Suggested loads: 124 gr. FMJ, brass case 9mm.

S&W M&P15 rifle:

Adjustable Hogue stock, Samson Engineering handguard, JP Trigger, 30 round Magpull magazines, 16″ barrel, Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 scope, .223 Remington. Suggested loads: 55 gr. ball ammo. No steel core or steel jacket bullets.

Mossberg 930JM Tactical Shotgun:

26″ barrel with 9 shot magazine tube and enhanced lifter, 12 gauge. Suggested loads: 1 1/8 oz, 2 3/4 or 3 dram, 7.5 or 8 shot, 12 gauge shot shells. Slugs… 7/8 oz. or 1 oz., 1,160 fps or higher.

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